Frequently Asked Questions Answered by the Developer

Does this product really work?

I was a refinisher for 25 years and spent much of my time developing and perfecting Restorz-it. I tried many different formulas and after quite a few years, I finally got it right. I was simply amazed at how well it worked. One day my wife said to me, "Why don’t you sell this product? Women would love to use this in their homes because it is so easy." I’ve been selling it now for over 20 years to people all over the United States and I am pleased with the extremely positive feedback that I receive from thousands of people.

Why is Restorz-it not sold in stores?

Stores that sell strippers and varnishes would much rather have you strip and sand your wood. It is much more profitable for them to sell you stripper, sand paper, paint brushes, stain, sealer, varnish, etc. Why then, would they place one product in their store that eliminates all of this merchandise? Besides, in my opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a family owned business.

Is there any other product that is comparable to Restorz-It?

To my knowledge, this is the only Finish that has been developed to wipe over any existing finish (polyurethane, varnish, lacquer). This is not just a cover-up and it doesn’t melt the old finish and move it around. Restorz-it is a unique blend of stains, oils, and sealers that bond to the existing finish and conceal scratches and water damage. It dries hard overnight to a beautiful finish that lasts for years.

How much area will Restorz-it cover?

Restorz-it Wood Finish Restorer will cover 300 to 400 square feet (enough to refinish a large set of kitchen cabinets and two bathroom vanities, even if two coats are needed.) The Restorz-it Wood Cleaner is a concentrate (mix 3 ounces to 1 gallon of hot water).

Is it a good idea to use oil or wax on my wood?

The oils, waxes, and polishes that are sold in stores are usually silicone based and can be very harmful to wood. Many people continually use these oils to try to make their finish look better. They may notice that these oils lay on the surface of the wood and do not dry hard, but over time may dry the wood and even cause it to crack. These oils also attract dust, grease and permanent fingerprints. Restorz-it, on the other hand, is a finish that dries hard and seals protective oils into the wood. Therefore, it is not necessary to oil and wax your wood.

Is Restorz-it easier to use than the conventional method of refinishing?

Restorz-it is so much easier. Without Restorz-it, you would have to begin by stripping off the old finish with harsh chemicals. A lot of scraping is involved. Then you need to sand the wood thoroughly. Next, apply a stain and let dry. Then apply 2 coats of a top coat finish. This process is very labor intensive & expensive. Here is a breakdown of the products needed:
Alternative Method
I've had so many people tell me that they tried the conventional refinishing method in the past, but once they used Restorz-it they were actually much happier with the results on their cabinets and furniture without all the time, effort and money expended.

I am not sure which color to use?

There are only three colors: Light, Medium, and Dark. The Light works on light maple, light oak, blonde, honey and golden tones. The Medium works on medium oak, brown maple, medium cherry and medium walnut. The Dark works on walnut, mahogany, dark cherry and black walnut. Color Guide

Can I change the color of my wood?

Restorz-it is not designed to drastically change the color of your wood. The color in Restorz-it is there to color your nicks, scratches, water damage and missing finish and will enhance the color and deepen the luster of your wood. Restorz-it comes in three color ranges.

Will Restorz-it Wood Finish Restorer bring back areas that are worn down to the bare wood?

Yes, two coats will refinish areas where the finish and color are missing.

Can I use Restorz-it on veneers?

Yes, Restorz-it is great for veneers. It will seal the oils into the wood and actually protect the veneer from drying out and cracking.

How does Restorz-it help save the environment?

When people discard their old wood furniture and kitchen cabinets (that could be saved by Restorz-it), these items go directly into the landfill. We have saved hundreds of pristine trees from being killed for the purpose of replacing or re-facing kitchen cabinets and furniture. Some people feel that they can save their kitchen cabinets and furniture by refinishing them with the traditional method. After stripping them with extremely harsh chemicals, brushes, sand paper, steel wool and all of the disposable stuff that goes along with this process, it all finds its way into the landfill and eventually into the earth. In contrast, Restorz-it eliminates the above disagreeable procedures and is wiped on your wood to make it look like new again and provide lasting protection.

Why is Restorz-it Wood Cleaner better than other wood cleaners?

Restorz-it Wood Cleaner is biodegradable, all natural and cuts through the greasy build-up on your wood. Our Cleaner is gentle on your wood and does not leave a residue like most other cleaners will. It is important to note that when using our Restorz-it Wood Finish you need to have a nice clean surface to begin with. The cleaner the surface, the easier the finish will bond.

How is Restorz-it shipped and how long does it take to receive it?

Orders are processed and sent out within 24 to 48 hours. All orders are sent Ground UPS.