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Restorz-It Wood Finish Restorer

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Restorz-It is an oil-base finish that has been developed to be wiped on with a cloth right over your existing finish without the need to sand or strip the wood. Unlike other finishes, it can be applied over lacquer, varnish, varathane, or polyurathane. Restorz-It doesn't react over any finish, but gives a smooth professional sheen that lasts for many years.

Restorz-It is a durable finish that will last five to ten years. It is not a polish or an oil that will dissipate in a couple of weeks. Restorz-It is a unique blend of special oils that actually bond into your existing finish to protect, seal and beautify your wood and veneers. It is also very water and sun resistant.

Restorz-It will fix nearly all damaged areas of your surface. There is enough in one bottle to do an entire set of kitchen cabinets and 2 baths (400 sq. ft.).

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