Restorz-it Wood Pre-Cleaner

Restorz-it Bottle

Restorz-it Wood Pre-cleaner and Degreaser has been specifically developed for cleaning kitchen cabinets, furniture, antiques, etc. prior to applying Restorz-it Wood Finish Restorer. It is the safest and most effective cleaner for removing polish and grease build-up from wood, without causing it to dry out or crack. Unlike many wood cleaners, Restorz-it Wood Pre-cleaner will not leave a sticky or oily residue on the wood surface. It is a powerful, biodegradable, environmentally friendly concentrate (4 ounces diluted in a Gallon of hot water) that contains grapefruit seed, orange-peel, and lemon-peel extracts.

Restorz-it Wood Pre-cleaner has a pleasant citrus scent and is perfect for preparing your wood surfaces before applying Restorz-it Wood Finish.