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Article in The Dallas Morning News (House and Garden section) Readers share names of favorite products
By Mary Vinnedge/ The Dallas Morning News

"Responding to House & Garden's query about favorite cleaning products, Elaine Jackson of Flower Mound writes: "I am the perfect person for this ...not because I am extraordinarily clean, but because I am a cleaning-product junkie."

We agree, and have chosen Mrs. Jackson the winner of our reader-participation feature.

She schmoozed us by telling how hooked she is "I continue to buy more [cleaning products], hoping they will magically clean my house/clothes/kids with a minimum of effort on my part."

And her favorite find, the wood polish Restorz-It, is an intriguing product for clear finished (as opposed to painted) furniture, molding and cabinetry. Mrs. Jackson uses it on clear-finished woodwork in her house.

"After thoroughly cleaning the wood, you simply wipe this product on, and the wood looks like it has been totally refinished." She warns that you must "remember that thorough cleaning part, though, because it this product is applied to wood that has any grease or grime left on it, the result is a tacky mess."

A Restorz-It spokeswoman says the product renews varnish, lacquer and polyurethane without sanding or stripping; do not use it on painted surfaces. For details or to purchase the product, see the Web site or call 1-800-759-4345. The product costs about $50, but"a little goes a long, long way," Mrs. Jackson says."



"As a professional Realtor it is necessary to know what will make a home shine for proper market presentation. This product really works. It not only makes wood finishes which have been worn look recently finished, it also creates a new durable finish.

I recommend your product often. When I know I have a skeptical seller, I loan it to them at my own cost. Your product helps me make the sale and extends the margin of profits for all involved.

A lucky find for me at the Seattle Home Show perhaps three years ago.

Thank you for being there for me."

Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain Associates, Inc.


"When I first saw your product I was skeptical. I thought, Okay, it looks easy, but will it work when I try it. It looked too good to be true. Well&, I said to myself, I'll buy a bottle andgive it a try.

Boy, oh boy, it did work and it was so easy anyone can do it!
I have done our entire house inside; our kitchen cabinets, all the doors, window frames, china hutch, curio cabinet, end tables,coffee table, picture frames, and my husband said I did a fantastic job. Oh, I did the work but Restorz-It did the trick.

Your product is amazing. Thanks, Restorz-It."

Sherry R. Damascus, OR


"I did not buy your product the first time I saw it and my first impression was that it was a little bit over priced. After trying it, I believe it is worth every penny and more.

I had restored half of my kitchen cabinets 3 years ago. I had done it the hard way: removing the doors, stripping the old varnish, re-sanding, etc. Your product allowed me to finish my cabinets, saving a lot of elbow grease, time and money. The overall look of the cabinets I did with your product is noticeably better than the previous method.

Thanks for making a superior, very helpful product."

Julio G., Mesa, Arizona

Bill M

"Your product is great!!!!

Your product did more in one day than it would have taken me two months of refinishing. I can't believe the difference in our kitchen cabinets after the first coat of Restorz-it. It is great to have a product that does what it says it will do.

Restorz-it will probably save many marriages for the do it yourself guys. If I had our kitchen torn up for the two months plus all of the MESS, I would probably be divorced by now.

Thank You,"

Bill M, Powhatan, VA


"Dear Mr. McFate;

My name is Dave and I wish to thank you for producing a product that actually works.

About 2 weeks ago I was looking at my bathroom vanity and cabinets and decided I had let them go long enough. The vanity and cabinets are oak and had seen many waxings trying to bring them back to look like they used to look. Needless to say there were many white spots, water spotted areas and scratches. I was dreading the idea of stripping and sanding the framing, 6 cabinet doors and two drawer facings. Not being a carpenter or having any experience working with wood, I was looking on the internet for instructions on just how to go about this chore when your add popped up. I clicked on it out of pure curiosity and proceeded to read about your product. My first inclination was "Ya right". Then I got to thinking for $49.95 maybe it is worth a shot. The worst that could happen is your product wouldn't work and I would be back to stripping and sanding and be out $49.95.

I decided to go ahead and ordered your cleaner and Restorz it. I vowed to follow your directions to the letter and hopefully I would end up with a decent product when I was done. My bathroom also has 2 large oak framed mirrors, 2 oak towel racks and an oak toilet paper dispenser.

My wife went to New York with her daughter and that left me home alone with my two German Sheperds. What a perfect time to tackle the refinishing project. After washing everything down with the cleaner and then coming back in with blue and white Scotch Brite pad I still wasn't happy with the smoothness of the wood. So, per your instructions I buffed everything with #0000 steel wool. After one more wipe down I applied the Restorz it. Within 24 hours it looked really good but was a little light. I waited 3 days and applied a second coat. 24 hours later my cabinets were gorgeous. I also did the mirror frames, towel racks and toilet paper dispenser.

When my wife arrived home from New York, she asked me how the cabinets turned out. I just said "go look for your self". When she saw the cabinets she thought I had replaced them. She didn't believe that your Restorz it provided a finish like that. To say we are pleased with your product is an understatement. I will be ordering another bottle of the light color so I can redo my bar which is also oak.

Thanks again for a wonderful product."

Dave S, Modesto, CA

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