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Damage that Restorz-It Wood Finish Will Repair

Water Damage

  • Water & steam can cause your finish to peel, crack and discolor
  • Common problem areas
    • Water spotting and water rings on table tops due to spills, plants, and cups
    • Beneath the kitchen and bathroom sink due to water running down the cabinets
    • In the kitchen near the dishwasher and above the coffee pot due to steam damage
    • Steam from the shower will damage bathroom cabinets
  • 2 coats of Restorz-it will repair all water & steam damaged areas
  • Restorz-it contains sealers that protect your wood from water and steam
Chest drawer Chest drawer

Chest drawer Chest drawer

Missing Finish

  • Years of wear and tear will rub your finish off
  • Corners of cabinets with no handles lose their finish after repeated opening and closing
  • Constant cleaning, oiling and polishing cabinets and furniture can remove the finish
  • Thanks to the premium colors contained in Restorz-it, all areas of missing finish will be blended in evenly (2 coats required). See Color Guide

Chest drawer

Nicks and Scratches

  • Restorz-it colors and hides nicks and scratches
  • On deep scratches and gouges, Restorz-it will blend the color making them virtually unnoticeable (does not fill them)
  • Once Restorz-it is applied, future damage can be touched up with ease (without doing the whole piece)

Dullness, Fading, Dryness

  • Over the years, finish may dull and lose luster due to age, sun damage, etc.
  • Oils and polishes will dissipate quickly and cause further dryness which can lead to cracking and peeling (Does not seal the oils in)
  • Restorz-it contains rich sealers that prevent drying, cracking, and peeling.
  • Prevents veneers from cracking and popping up

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